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Home Based Aged Care

Home Based Aged Care

Keep in mind that we are getting not only older but in many cases frailer. Like it or not the majority of us are going to need some assistance in one form of aged care or another.

Aged Care At Home Many senior Australians plan to age at home where they are comfortable and where they are familiar with local shops, public transport routes, friends and neighbours. For most seniors that want to age at home there will be changes required to the home. To reduce the possibility of falls and slips then installing grab rails in the bathroom and toilet as well as other rooms of the house is recommended as is non slip rubber mats in all wet areas. If you have stairs leading to the house then installing a ramp may be required. You may not need these now but keep in mind that you are planning for the future and that at some stage these changes will help you with your home aged care. If you cannot afford to make these changes to your home then maybe a reverse mortgage may be a solution.

You may also need to make some changes to the kitchen and the appliances that you use to reduce the opportunity for burns or fires. There is a very good range of kitchen appliances that will help you to make the kitchen a much safer place.

External services such as Meals On Wheels are available to those seniors aged 60 years and over and who are unable to shop and cook for themseles.

Other services provided by this Government Department are:

  • home maintenance
  • home modifications
  • help with food preparation in the home
  • delivery of meals
  • transport
  • assessment, client care coordination and case management
  • counselling, information and advocacy services
  • centre-based day care
  • support for carers including respite services
  • nursing care
  • allied health services like podiatry, physiotherapy and speech pathology
  • domestic help, including help with cleaning, washing and shopping
  • personal care, such as help with bathing, dressing, grooming and eating
  • social support

So if you are planning on aging at home then it makes good sense for your aged care to contact the department and enquire about what services you may be able to gain help from.

The key to making aged care in the home work is your state of health and good planning. By planning and making your home safer by using the above items along with registering with the CHSP program to be eligible for the aged care services that it provides. Also having a good support network of neighbours, friends and family will increase your opportunity of aged care at home for a longer period. Keep in mind that you can use a Seniors reverse mortgage to make needed modifications to your home.

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